“The thief comes to kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have life to the fullest.”
– Jesus (John 10:10)

Soul Link

February 26-28  |  Houston, Texas

“Soul Link exists to inspire a generation to fall in love with Jesus, giving them a passion and deep-seated purpose for living.”

Soul Link’s greatest desire is to see this generation encounter the One who deeply loves, restores and rescues. We believe that encounter changes the trajectory of their lives and leads to what matters most. While we love to host and create a large gathering for worship, Soul Link is more than a youth rally. More than an event. More than a spiritual high. SoulLink is rooted in being shaped by our teacher, Jesus Christ. This is our means which leads to an eternal end.

If you or your teen would like more information about Soul Link, contact our youth minister, Charlie Vasquez.