“The thief comes to kill and destroy, but I have come that you might have life to the fullest.”
– Jesus (John 10:10)


Equipping our Members is a priority of the leadership and members of the Lakewood Church of Christ. While the praise of God is important, we understand the need for training each other and our children in the ways of God so that their faith may grow and be strengthened. In other words, we strongly desire to not only be discipled, but to disciple others. We go out of our way to open the Bible and understand the teachings of God in order to apply it to our life today. We feel this is the number one exercise to strengthen us for the faith growing exercises that challenge us from time to time. In order to accomplish our goal of growing in faith, we offer education and training for the young and old.

An engaging and stimulating program is offered weekly for kids of all ages. We believe the best way to engage kids is through an interactive format that encourages and enhances their own faith journeys. Our classes include various activities, learning centers, songs, games, and other ways to keep them engaged while instilling the truths of God. We believe the best education happens at home and is passed down from parents. Therefore, we strive to reaffirm the Biblical teaches our children receive on a daily basis while being a resource for the parents. We also provide fun and fellowship activities for various age groups which includes an active teenage youth group.

Our adults gather throughout the week for encouragement, training, and fellowship. We gather in classes and various other formats. Classes are offered throughout the week and vary in format depending upon the teacher and the season. For more information about growing in faith at the Lakewood Church of Christ please call, email, or stop by and talk to us. For your convenience, we have listed many of our “Growing in Faith” ministries below that we would love for you to be a part of.

Education & Age Ministries

-Life Enrichment (Onnie Puckett)

-Ladies Wed Study (Shirley Cox)

-Adult (Clarence Dunn)

-Young Families (Kerry Liles & Mickey Bertrand)

-Young Adults

-Singles (Robert Wagnon)

-Teen Youth Group (Charlie Vasquez)


-Leadership Training for Christ (Kim Garcia & Pat Grisham)


-Evangelism & Outreach

-Foreign Missions


We would love for you to join the efforts of our congregation and be involved in our ministries encouraging each other to grow in faith!